Case Study: Goody

Growing Up Goody:
A Heritage Brand’s Visionary Social Strategy

Learn how hair accessories brand Goody is using data-backed insights to grow its audience on Instagram, while staying true to its brand identity.



Audience Growth in 1 year with Dash Hudson


Audience Growth in 2 years with Dash Hudson


A True Oldie But Goodie

While Goody has mastered how to capture our attention in drugstore aisles across the country, the brand needed to command a similar presence in today’s digital era. The brand’s strategy aims to stay in the hearts and hair of consumers, making Instagram the perfect avenue to drive top of mind awareness and brand growth. The social team at Goody turned to Dash Hudson to hone the brand’s approach to Instagram.

Learn About:

  • How Goody leverages AI technology to understand which content resonates with its audience.
  • The brand’s data-backed strategy that propels its growth on social.
  • How Goody uses Boards to measure how each of its unique content pillars are performing with its audience, and to inform the brand’s content strategy.
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Nicole Krinsky-goody-headshot

Dash Hudson really helps Goody to create a visual brand story. I live in the platform!

Nicole Krinsky, Former Social Media Manager

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