Case Study: Kendra Scott

Beyond Bling: Evolving an Instagram Strategy to Keep Pace With a Changing Brand

Learn how Texas born jewelry brand Kendra Scott partnered with Dash Hudson to inform the brand’s social strategy and leverage AI technology to deliver its growing audience the highest quality content.



Follower Growth Since Working
with Dash Hudson


Tell a Bigger Brand Story on Instagram

Namesake designer Kendra Scott’s creativity doesn’t end with jewelry—the brand has also expanded into homewares and other nesting goodies that add visual interest to any living space. So it’s only natural that Instagram has become a key marketing channel for the company. With a rapidly growing brand and audience, the social team at Kendra Scott needed a solution that could both guide their visual content strategy, and nurture their community. Enter: Dash Hudson.


  • How the social team at Kendra Scott combines data and creativity to deliver the highest quality content.
  • Kendra Scott’s approach to nurturing its fans on Instagram, and how it fosters growth on the social channel.
  • How Dash Hudson’s Vision technology informs which styles of content will perform best with their audience.
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We look to Vision as a second measure of decision making. We think about our customer as we know them now, and where they will be in the future on a daily basis.

Meg Moody, Social Media Manager

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