Visual Segmentation

See trends within your owned and earned photos. Gauge what’s working with consumers to maximize your potential.

Scope Out the Competition

Go deep and learn which types of imagery your fiercest competitors are investing in. Discover how these photos would perform with your audience.

Uncover Trends In Real-Time

Group brands together to identify which trends are inspiring audience action. Create trend boards to build a well-rounded creative strategy.

Own Your Success

Discover more about your owned and earned content than you ever thought possible. Put your best post forward every time by understanding which types of photos will engage your audience the most, before you even share them.

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Be a Trendsetter

Zoom out and uncover which types of creative are on the rise. Discover the direction your industry is trending in, and refine your innovative brand voice. Confidently inform your visual strategy from top to bottom.

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Reveal What Resonates

Evolve your approach to social with insights into what works for your closest competitors, market leaders, or influencers. You’ll know more about their strategy than they do.

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