Everything you’ll ever need to measure and monetize your performance across Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Long story short—create curated story content fast and surface actionable insights even faster.


Facebook analytics decoded. Drive traffic and engagement with topline stats, customizable reporting, and all the actionable metrics you’ll ever need.


Take your Pinterest game to the next level with data-backed insights, a scheduling tool, and a best-in-class library. Your new one-stop solution to convert your pinners into customers.


Twitter analytics for the best of the best. Understand content trends, drive traffic, and quickly pull reports. Everything you need for a successful Twitter strategy is at your fingertips.


Converting cross-channel audiences has never been so easy. Add the world’s fastest-growing social channel to your e-commerce strategy with a shoppable feed and customizable link in bio.


Are you trying to narrow down that one piece of high-performing content to post from your latest shoot? Vision uses AI tailored to your brand to predict photo and video performance, so you can select the best every time.


Digging through countless folders, tagging manually, and searching for hours is a thing of the past. Surface the perfect owned, earned, or paid content in seconds with our visual search technology.


Insights for teams who know the beauty of a well-measured Influencer program. Have the metrics you need to innovate and be and miles ahead of the competition.

Dashboards and Reporting

For teams who know prescriptive reports just won’t cut it. Customizable and cross-brand reporting for all your most important marketing channels.


Ever look into the future? With the Dash Hudson Scheduler, you can. Curate your feed, schedule your content, and make data-backed decisions on the best photo—and the best time to post it.

Mobile App

Never miss a beat with all your Dash Hudson social marketing tools in your pocket—no matter where you are.