Case Study: Carbon38

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Driving New E-Commerce Revenue With LikeShop

Learn how Dash Hudson’s link in bio solution enables Carbon38 to meet its audience’s demand,
and measure every step of the process.



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Revenue Growth
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A High Performance Solution

Athleisure e-tailer Carbon38 leverages Instagram as a storytelling channel to further the brand’s athletic narrative. The social team recognized that the channel could also further the brand’s growth by also using Instagram as a revenue driver. Carbon38 harnesses the power of Dash Hudson's LikeShop to drive new site traffic and meaningful results. The robust solution enables Carbon38 to achieve its goals and measure direct ROI from Instagram.


  • Why the LikeShop tool is the ideal solution to accelerate Carbon38's marketing efforts.
  • How LikeShop's unique features allows Carbon38 to scale and inform its strategy.
  • How Carbon38 increases web sessions, sales conversions, average number of purchases, and revenue from Instagram, all in one place.
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The ability to have a very high level reporting screen in the LikeShop tab helps with a quick look of how a photo is doing, while the more in-depth data exports allow me to figure out if there's a correlation between LikeShop traffic and engagement, and to see which types of Instagram posts are consistently generating sales.

Harrison Edwards, Former Social Media Coordinator

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