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We uncover actionable insights from every piece of content. Back your creative genius with data to share what your followers want most.

Zero Effort Reporting

Get weekly and monthly reports delivered straight to your inbox. We crunch the numbers, you take the credit.

Data Made Dashing

Our best in class platform gives you a pulse on your Instagram performance at a glance. Complex data served up simply.

The monthly competitive report has been really important to us as we go about honing our strategy in terms of how many times and what kinds of content we post. And they're beautifully presented, which makes our lives so much easier.

Lia Zneimer, Director of Social Media

Follower Growth Analytics

Growing your fan base is crucial to success on social. We provide the analytics you need to understand audience dynamics. Spread the love with loyal followers, influential brand fans, and everyone in between.

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Engagement Analytics

Growing your following is one thing, building an engaged community is another. Dash Hudson keeps up with your evolving audience to deliver you the KPIs needed to gain engagement.

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Identify Your Top Performing Visuals

Pinpoint the content—whether owned, earned, or an influencer post, that’s driving reach, growth, and engagement over time. Leverage your brand love to perfect your visual strategy.

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