Case Study: Vanity Fair + GQ

New Media Magic:
Growth and Revenue for Publishers on Instagram

Learn how the teams at Vanity Fair and GQ have combined their social acumen
with Dash Hudson to enable their Instagram presences to thrive in the digital age.

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Click-Through-Rate from Vanity Fair's LikeShop


Click-Through-Rate from GQ's LikeShop


Publishing Prowess

For magazine publishers, Instagram presents a unique storytelling opportunity and a way to connect with readers in a new, immediate format. Discover how two of Condé Nast's most illustrious publications, Vanity Fair and GQ, are utilizing the medium to grow and create new revenue opportunities in the digital age.

Learn How:

  • GQ & Vanity Fair use LikeShop to drive new organic traffic to their websites.
  • Measuring the social performance of events and branded content is made simple with Dash Hudson's Boards feature.
  • GQ & Vanity Fair leverage earned reach to grow on Instagram.
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My favorite feature in Dash Hudson is Boards. It provides us with analytics to move from gut instincts to knowing exactly what followers like and what the best way to optimize delivering that content is. I think it’s amazing to see the solid numbers of how people actually engage with different categories of content.

Jeffrey Tousey, Former Social Media Director

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