The work to be performed by the Influencer shall be done in the timelines and specifications as outlined in the Company campaign proposal, and per discussions between the Brand and Influencer.


The fees and other reimbursement or compensation to be provided by the Company to the Influencer will be as outlined in the campaign proposal, as accepted by the Company. Payment will be made upon successful completion of the agreed upon work.


You give Dash Hudson, the Company and its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees and assigns (collectively “Licensed Parties”) the right to publish, copy, distribute, exhibit and use all writings, productions, software programs and any and all other works created by Consultant for the Company (hereinafter “Work Product) on the brand’s social and marketing channels, and website.


The parties to this Agreement are independent contractors. No relationship of principal to agent, master to servant, employer to employee or franchisor to franchisee is established between the parties. The Consultant acknowledges and agrees that he is responsible for payment of all health benefits, workers compensation or insurance, disability benefits, employment insurance and all taxes (including without limitation, foreign, federal, state, provincial, county and local income taxes), or amounts in lieu thereof, and interest thereon levied or based on amounts payable or paid to you by the Company (excluding taxes on our net income) and agrees to indemnify the Company fully therefor.


This Agreement shall not be amended, in whole or in part, at any time unless upon mutual agreement in writing between the Consultant and the Company. This Agreement represents the full and final understandings between the parties, and supersedes any and all previous understandings, commitments, and agreements, oral or written, pertaining the Consultant’s services. This Agreement and the rights granted hereunder shall not be assigned, encumbered by security interest or otherwise transferred by the Consultant without the Company’s prior written consent. Unless otherwise expressly provided hereunder, all dollar amounts referred to hereunder shall refer to United States dollars.