Marketers spent over $1B on Instagram promotions
last year, with no direct ROI. Don't spend another
dollar without Dash Hudson.

Hey there. Dash Hudson is the first solution that enables e-commerce brands to create beautiful, engaging influencer content that converts. We connect your brand with influencers who create content that when shared to Instagram, becomes instantly shoppable. We work with brands, advertising agencies, and talent agencies. Check out how it works, then get in touch.

Select your goal

Work with us to understand your brand and marketing objectives, to build a beautiful, successful campaign. Build your campaign to optimize reach, engagement, and sales.

Select who will feature your products

We engage influencers who will feature your products in beautiful, original lifestyle images. Our Instagram graph search technology will ensure you are reaching the right audience, in the right place, at just the right time.

The influencers get to work

Using the Dash Hudson platform, influencers create beautiful images featuring your products, that when shared to Instagram, become instantly shoppable. Their works shows your brand in its best light, reaching millions of new potential customers.

Influencers build looks featuring your products, and build an engaging comment, tagging your brand.

The influencer shares the photo to their Instagram feed.

We add the dash of innovation that makes your products instantly shopable from Instagram.

Engage and convert

New audiences engage around beautiful images featuring your product. When someone ‘likes’ the image, and wants to see your product, we deliver them a shoppable push notifications that take them instantly to see your product and check out. We always ensure that your product is the first thing they see. It’s magic.

1. Someone likes the photo featuring your product on Instagram.

2. The 'like' tells us to send them a push notification to see your product.

3. In one touch, the potential customer is taken inside of Dash Hudson, to shop your product.

4. The customer taps buy, and checks out on Dash Hudson, or on your site.

Sit back, and measure the results

See your campaign unfold in real-time, tracking reach, engagement, and product views.