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Visual marketing channels have become destinations in themselves for travelers to spend their time daydreaming (and scrolling). To take your audience from double tapping to booking a ticket, travel brands need thoughtful visual marketing strategies. Dash Hudson provides the data-backed insights you need most to understand, engage, and grow your audience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the social ROI.

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Dash Hudson’s features help us tremendously with strategy for all of our travel activations. Go Dash!

Anna Tran, Brand Director


Travel Industry

Now more than ever, jetsetters use Instagram as their vacay planning source for all of the visual inspiration they crave to kick their wanderlust into high gear—and travel brands are here for it. The industry leaders capitalize on eager explorers falling into the Instagram abyss to escape their current reality. We dive deep into the metrics travel brands care about most, to provide you with industry standards to help guide your social strategy this year.

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