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Through the tools in Dash Hudson, our team at ALOHA has been able to identify content with a focus on anti-busy culture and the authenticity behind the company and products resonate the most with our followers. From these learnings, we've been able to better develop our strategy to deliver content that not only stays true to the brand and products, but also better connects with our community on Instagram.

Taylor Cronk, Former Social Media Manager

Food Industry

Snapping a photo before the first bite has become standard. Leaders in the food industry have recognized this symbiotic relationship and are capitalizing on users’ propensity to share their meals by curating their own drool-worthy galleries. The secret recipe for success includes investing in high quality, creative content, harnessing the power of your community, and the use of innovative video techniques to capture attention. Dash Hudson dives deep into the KPIs that food brands care about most, and provides the industry standards to help guide your strategy and goals.

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