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Visual marketing channels give CPG companies direct access to consumers outside of the supermarket aisle, and the opportunity to craft innovative campaigns to grow brand equity. With Dash Hudson, CPG brands can maximize social ROI with actionable, data-driven insights.


With Dash Hudson I can easily pull average video views, as well as look at historic data quickly. Since our marketing calendar is based around product launches, I primarily use Boards to track those campaigns. Boards helps to gauge the excitement around a launch as well as gives a comprehensive analysis of our efforts on Instagram!

Julia Casella, Former Social Media Manager

CPG Industry

CPG brands have come a long way from traditional advertising to include Instagram as a key marketing channel. Leaders in the industry have taken the leap from old-school, vintage advertising techniques to harness the power of social media to spread the good word about their products and tap into new audiences. Dash Hudson dives deep into the metrics that CPG brands care about most, and provides the industry standards to help guide strategy and goals moving forward.

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