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You’ve turned Instagram into a major brand vehicle. It’s often the first point of contact for new customers. Dash Hudson gives you the tools to perfect your content strategy, drive engagement, and convert those fans to customers. It’s a thing of beauty.

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With Dash Hudson I can easily pull average video views, as well as look at historic data quickly. Since our marketing calendar is based around product launches, I primarily use Boards to track those campaigns. Boards helps to gauge the excitement around a launch as well as gives a comprehensive analysis of our efforts on Instagram!

Julia Casella, Former Social Media Manager

Beauty Industry

Beauty brands—both the new kids on the block and old favorites—rarely shy away from innovative tactics and creative content curation. The especially savvy ones leverage social media as a hype machine to find overnight viral success for new product launches and captivating campaigns. Measuring and honing these strategies is key to a brand’s success. Dash Hudson took a deep dive into the 100 most followed beauty brands on Instagram to provide benchmark KPIs to help guide your strategy and goals moving forward.

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