Data to Make Decisions

Use Twitter insights to build a data-driven strategy. Set goals, check-in on your progress, and make your next move with the power of data behind you.

Content that Drives Results

Inform your content strategy with an in-depth knowledge of the tweets that give you the best results. Access the data you need to be more agile than your competition.

Reports that Make an Impact

Understand the results of a campaign or the performance of your last quarter in seconds. Reporting just got a whole lot easier and more effective.

Work Smarter

Take the manual effort out of your Twitter strategy and focus on what your team does best: creative, strategic planning, and analysis. Don’t waste time in spreadsheets. Dash Hudson’s Twitter insights and your team’s efforts devising and executing your social strategy, is all you need to keep an edge on your competition.

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Drive Traffic

The smartest marketers know that Twitter is much more than a customer service channel. Capture your unique Twitter audience and propel them onto the buyer’s journey. Drive traffic to your product pages by understanding which content is getting the most clicks and quickly finding similar content within your Dash Hudson Library to replicate your success.

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Benchmark the Best

Create benchmarks for your campaigns and strategy with the right data at your fingertips. Focus on your most important metrics and goals to set yourselves apart in the marketplace. Drive the results you need to support your overall marketing strategy.

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