Drive Revenue

Take TikTok users from the For You page to your product pages in seconds.

Measure ROI

Set goals, build out your strategy, and gain insight into which products are hitting the mark with your TikTok audience by tracking views and clicks.

Capture New Audiences

Convert TikTok’s fresh, ever-expanding audience into customers with a Shoppable TikTok.

From Viral to ROI

Connect the dots between your viral videos and your online revenue. Go beyond brand awareness and drive web traffic with Shoppable TikTok. With data-driven insights at your fingertips, you can measure clicks and traffic in real time to maximize ROI.

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Create, Customize, and Convert

Customize your TikTop Shop and content so it aligns with the latest trends, your product launches, and your cross-channel strategy to optimize your TikTok for revenue.

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Increase Average Order Value

Don’t stop at one product. Increase average cart value with shoppable, multi-link posts, so you never miss out on a potential purchase. Say hello to your new top revenue stream.

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