Uncover ROI

Go beyond surface and vanity metrics. Realize the power of true ROI and have the influencer measurement tools needed to make strategic decisions and reports that cut through the noise.

Earned Media Value

Discover the impact of individual influencers on your brand’s big picture with our earned media value (EMV). Quickly understand which relationships are providing the return expected and which ones should be reevaluated.

Predict Content

Unlock unlimited inspiration. Know which influencer photos and videos will perform for your brand’s unique audience and repurpose with confidence.

Create Your Top Tier

Level-up by inviting your top influencers to connect. Expand on feed post and stories data to create reports and have the intel you’ve only dreamed of. It’s influencer measurement for the highest tier.

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Drive Audience Growth

Finally, influencer marketing decoded. Know which earned content is driving sought-after growth and hitting the mark on the metrics that mean the most to your team. Compare and contrast influencers to optimize partnerships and social ROI.

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Vet and Measure

Leverage meaningful insights when carefully selecting influencers to showcase and collaborate with. Stay ahead of your competition by making precise, data-backed decisions for every campaign and initiative.

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