Uncover ROI

Measure engagement and audience growth as a result of gifting, influencer, and ambassador programs. Hello, ROI.

Influencer Report Card

Define the impact of influencers on your brand with our earned media value (EMV) and predictive performance metrics.

Comprehensive Results

We automatically organize your influencer content and report on performance, delivering real-time results.

I like to joke that Relationship IQ has changed my life, but it actually kind of has. It really simplifies the process for us in terms of identifying brand champions and reaching out to them, and building our own sense of community online.

Lia Zneimer, Director of Social Media

Drive Audience Growth

Finally. We show you which influencer content is driving audience growth. Compare and contrast influencer visuals to optimize partnerships and social ROI.

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Predict Performance

Leverage meaningful insights when selecting influencers to showcase and collaborate with. Your new data-driven sidekick.

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Define Key Brand Influencers

Build relationships with brand fans and influencers without spending hours scrolling. Reach new people who will fall in love with your brand.

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