Guesswork, Begone

Powerful filtering and sorting features let you slice and dice your Pin data to reveal benchmarks and insights by board, category, date range, link clicks, and more.

Beautiful and Simple

Data built for enterprise combined with the most badass design, makes our user experience pure bliss.

Pump Up Pinterest

Quickly and easily optimize, repurpose, and curate your best photos and video content—specifically for Pinterest.

Link Click Analytics

When you know which Pins are inspiring action in your audience, optimizing is easy. Refine your Pinterest strategy to reach the right people, and increase conversions along the way. Monitor link click trends with custom time frames. Identify which Pinterest content is contributing to lifts in your site traffic.

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Plan Like a Pro

Pinterest Insights are seamlessly integrated into the robust Dash Hudson Multi-channel Scheduler. Create, plan, and publish your upcoming Pinterest posts in bulk. Add and edit shoppable links to drive ROI—all without ever leaving the platform. Paired with our mobile app, it’s the only scheduler you’ll ever need.

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Nerd Out

Hang out in the coolest library around. Access all of your visual assets in the Dash Hudson Library to make Pinterest content planning a cake walk. Easily add new media to your library with the DH Chrome Plugin that will pull in any treasures you find from the web.

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