Never Miss a Beat

Save time scrolling and never miss a great photo or video feature from your community again.

Organic Reach Optimized

Measure the impact of earned content on your brand and fuel your visual strategy.

Be a Show Off

Understand which community created visuals will drive the highest engagement. Put your content to work.

Dash Hudson is the Mecca of UGC for me. I just love coming in to work and going straight to the UGC section in Dash Hudson.

April Lockhart, Brand Marketing Assistant Manager

Performance Prediction

Stop guessing at which regrams will resonate with your audience. Dash Hudson predicts photo and video performance so you know you’re serving your followers the content they want most. Curate your favorites, and make some magic.

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Recipe for Reach

The key to mega growth on Instagram is organic reach. We provide in-depth analytics on how you are reaching new fans, and who’s helping you get there. Measure your organic reach over time as you run campaigns to build your brand.

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Content Rights

End the acquisition struggle for photo and video rights. With one click, request content rights for earned media—Dash Hudson will do the rest. Monitor approvals as they roll in and share earned content across your channels worry-free.

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