Segment Your Stories

Adjust story timeframes to align with your brand’s content strategy. Segment your franchises in Story Boards to get granular.

Measure Performance

See the light. Get key metrics to gain insight into what’s working so you can give your audience what they want most.

Easy Access

Gain access to all of your story cards. Download any story to repurpose across your channels or for safekeeping.

We had no idea if our Stories content was engaging our followers. With Dash Hudson, we’re actually able to gather this data! It’s so helpful to be able to look back at older stories for reference and learnings. The average reach and exit rates are so essential for us to figure out which kinds of content our viewers want to see.

Anna Tran, Brand Director

Long Story Short

View your stories by individual posts or by day. Fine-tune time periods to reflect your content calendar. Filter stories by performance to gain insights in seconds.

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All Eyes On You

Impressions, illuminated. Discover how many eyes are on your stories over time to understand what your audience loves to see, and where they drop off.

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Story Boards

Apply the magic of Dash Hudson’s most-loved content segmentation technology to your story cards. Uncover key stories metrics and increase ROI with data-backed decisions.

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