Key Metrics, Real Results

Actionable Instagram insights you can easily digest. Dash Hudson’s proprietary AI technology, Vision, and streamlined data platform empowers your team to create and share content that is certain to convert.

Zero Effort Reporting

Get daily, weekly and monthly reports delivered straight to your inbox. Pull custom reports with your most important metrics in seconds. We crunch the numbers; you take the credit.

Creative Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition with actionable insights for every piece of media. From research and planning to post-reporting, back your entire creative strategy with data and insights.

We wanted to change the culture around producing creative, and Dash Hudson really enabled us to do that. We’ve seen ripples across the organization from the success of our hashtag campaign. It speaks to the power of organic social when you can create content that connects with consumers on a deeper level—it goes beyond Instagram.

Acquisition Marketer at CPG Brand

Engagement Analytics

Growing your following is one thing; building an engaged community is another. Dash Hudson ensures you’re keeping up with your ever-evolving audience by bringing you the metrics you need to stay agile while hitting your KPIs.

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Identify Your Top Performing Visuals

Pinpoint the content—whether owned, earned, or paid—that’s driving reach, growth, and engagement over time. Leverage AI predictions to remove risk, save money, and perfect your visual strategy.

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Integrate E-Commerce

Multi-link products in photos or videos, send customers directly from your feed to your product pages and measure it all with customizable UTM codes. Dash Hudson’s e-commerce solutions create friction-free shopping experiences.

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