Stats at a Glance

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Facebook marketing strategy by tapping into your pre-calculated topline stats. Quickly understand if a change is needed and be ready to jump into action with the tools you need.

Uncover the Best Content

Understand which content is inspiring actions from your audience by comparing your top and bottom performers to your average total engagements.

Customized Reporting

Easily pull visual reports. Choose date ranges, customize your essential metrics, and share with your team. Your reporting process just leveled up and became ten times easier.

Data on a Silver Platter

Facebook Insights provide topline stats and a source of truth you can feel confident depending on. Have all your essential metrics at your fingertips. See the big picture with an overview of your Facebook insights, or get granular and dig into your metrics post by post. Whatever analysis you need, whenever you need it, is a breeze.

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Be Agile

Whether you plan to stay the course or make a big move, get access to the data to back it up and confidently make decisions. Analyze which posts are driving success and where your content strategy needs to pivot. Get the context you need to build benchmarks, set goals, and make critical strategic decisions in real-time.

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A Content Gold Mine

Scheduling and redistributing content across channels is easily done when your most important visual marketing assets can be accessed in one place. Take the winners uncovered by Facebook Insights and publish them to your other channels, ensuring brand consistency. Or, find your top owned and earned content from Instagram and Pinterest and leverage these high performers for your Facebook audience. Easily source and publish Facebook photos and videos through the Dash Hudson Library and Multi-Channel Scheduler.

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