Instagram UGC and Organic Reach

With our user-generated content tool, you'll get access to the best, most influential posts that mention your brand. Our sizzling algorithms make sure you only see the best, none of the rest. Understand the story others are telling about your brand, and measure organic reach.

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Beautiful Content Only

Broad organic reach is your goal, but day to day, you want to see the best UGC. We surface the highest quality content that you’ve been tagged in, making it easy for you to engage and repurpose.


Every digital editor fears missing a great tag. Dash Hudson customers never miss a photo tag or comment by someone that matters, so you can thank them and regram in real-time.

Grow Your Best Audience

Your best fans get you in front of highly engaged potential new customers. We let you know which people you need to engage with, based on their mentions.

Premier UGC Collection

You want to gather the best photos featuring your brand. We go beyond the hashtag, and access the best images featuring your brand, from the best content creators on Instagram. Save time sifting, and put that beautiful content to work.

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Influence Ranking

Don’t guess at which UGC will resonate with fans when you use it on your channels. Dash Hudson sorts content by performance so you know you’re getting photos that will crush. Curate your favorites, and make some magic happen.

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Organic Reach Measurement

The key to mega success on Instagram is organic reach. We provide in-depth analytics on how you are reaching new customers, and who’s helping you move the needle. Measure your organic reach over time as you run campaigns to build your brand.

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