Over one billion people engage with Stories on Instagram on a daily basis, making it easy for brands to engage with their followers, and convert customers in real-time. The best way to make the most of this opportunity? Easy—meet Dash Hudson’s Story Studio. Choose your top owned or earned content, and use custom Instagram Stories templates, fonts, and colors, to build out organic or paid stories—all on your phone.

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Dash Hudson's Story Studio in action


Curate and convert with visuals that speak to your audience without waiting. With tons of custom templates and fonts, the opportunities are endless.


Access and publish your original and user-generated content (UGC) at any time with Dash Hudson Mobile. Tap, type, share.


Content created in Story Studio is up to 14% more engaging and can increase website revenue by 8x. Mo’ Money, No problems.

Search and Select

No need to save every piece of creative you’re building a story with to your phone. Search and select earned, owned or paid content from your brand’s Galleries or Library through Dash Hudson Story Studio. Use Vision predictors to analyze how your audience will engage with images in the moment.

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Repurposing earned media

Customize and Create

Choose from a variety of clean templates that allow for up to three images in one frame — it’s fully customizable to your brand’s needs. Pre-add desired text and play around with sizing, fonts, and colors. So fresh, so clean.

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Template Instagram Stories posts

Schedule Anywhere, Anytime

Save your story cards directly into your DH Scheduler to queue up the perfect narrative, generate an ad, or save it to your media library for keeps. Share this custom creative anywhere your 9:16 content lives.

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The best Instagram Stories scheduled in the Dash Hudson app