Instagram Retargeting

By serving up the same old boring stock or studio photos on banners, you are guaranteeing that your target Instagram customers ignore your efforts to re-engage them. Data shows that most consumers go blind to your retargeting efforts after the first impression. Turn beautiful organic photos into lasting impressions.

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Retarget Customers Directly on Instagram

Dash Hudson lets you retarget customers where they are most engaged: on Instagram. Retarget through native or programmatic ads, and serve up visually inspiring content that won’t be ignored.

It’s Not Creepy

By following customers around the internet, most retargeters creep people out. You do not want astute, affluent customers left with this impression of your brand. Dash Hudson tells you who has engaged with your brand on Instagram, and lets you target them through beautiful organic content.

Retarget Through Influencer Posts

Retarget an audience through organic influencer posts. We tell you who the people who have engaged with your brand are following, and let you reach them through fresh, authoritative content.

Creative, Reinvented

On Instagram, you can’t retarget customers with pictures of their abandoned cart. So gauche. Instead, inspire them with customized influencer content and highly engaging UGC. Create and collect amazing photos that will get you noticed.

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Platform Wide Intent Capture

Dash Hudson finds out who has engaged with your brand on Instagram, no matter where they are. Build efficient, highly scalable native and programmatic ads to retarget those who are most likely to purchase your product.

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Measurement and ROI

Measure the impact of your retargeting through its lifecycle, and see which ads achieve your goals. See engagement and ROI metrics in real-time as campaigns unfold.

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