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With Dash Hudson's Instagram analytics, you get insight into account growth, post performance, and interactions with followers and influencers - all in one platform. Instagram analytics made sexy. There, we said it.

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Focus on people

People are what matter on Instagram. We eliminate the noise and bring you information on the most influential people who love your brand.

Beautiful and simple

We bring you the best data in the industry in a fetching package that will make even the most hardcore aesthete lean all the way in.

Zero effort reporting

Get perfectly presented monthly reports straight to your inbox. With just one click, you're ready for the Monday team meet.

Follower Analytics

You want to know how your following is growing over time, based on promotions and influencer campaigns that you run. We go beyond what other analytics tools offer and bring you insights on how influential your following is, and who your most influential and engaged followers are. Meet the cool kids.

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Engagement Analytics

Growing your following is one thing, building an engaged community is another. See how many likes and comments you are getting, and use insights to improve your interactions with fans. See how campaigns and promotions impact the love you get. Because you get what you put in.

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Influencer mentions and tags

For the first time ever (dramatic drumroll) you can see the most beautiful content your brand has been photo tagged or comment mentioned in. Never miss a killer influencer post again, and say goodbye to messy hashtag hunts.

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Campaign Analytics

See how your sponsored posts are performing in real-time. No more late-night like counting, we give you clear insight into how your campaigns are performing, and make reporting easy. See reach, engagement, and new followers to your account.

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Reach more than just your followers

So you've got 100,000 followers. Big deal homie. What really matters is how big an audience you are reaching through influencer and fan posts. See how your reach improves over time, and measure which posts get you in front of the most new customers.

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