Instagram Ad Platform

Dash Hudson’s Instagram ad platform lets you reach and convert millions of new potential customers through beautiful, engaging images. Test which content engages with the highest value audiences, then target those customers most likely to convert. Advertising made beautiful.

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Authoritative, Organic Content

Instagram newsfeed ads need to resonate in order to be relevant. Avoid the pitfalls of running highly editorialized, or studio produced images and videos. Dash Hudson gets you natural, organic lifestyle content that your target audience actually wants to see.

Create Emotion. Be Relevant.

We tell you which images featuring your brand perform best with audiences that are most likely to convert. What photos do they love, what copy makes them click? Eliminate the creative guess work by testing multiple creatives before launching.

Beautifully Composed Creative

Apparel and beauty brands know that the presentation of their product is of ultimate importance. Yes studio produced, highly editorialized images fail on Instagram. Work with our community of trusted influencers to create highly organic images that make people fawn.

Effortless Creative

Tap our community of Instagram influencers to create beautiful, highly organic images featuring your product. Work with multiple influencers concurrently to develop content. Briefs, payments, content rights, and approvals are made effortless.

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Testing and Targeting

Test creatives before launching your ads, to see which content performs best, with which audience. See who engaged, and run that creative against larger, targeted audiences. Improve your ROI and ensure you’re running ads that show your brand in its best light.

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Measurement and ROI

Measure the impact of your content through its lifecycle, and see which ads achieve your goals. See engagement and ROI metrics in real-time as campaigns unfold.

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