Case Study: Skyn ICELAND

Spreading Selfie Spirit: How Skyn ICELAND Drives Sales With On-site Galleries

Learn how Skyn ICELAND leverages the brand’s owned and earned content with Dash Hudon’s Spirit Galleries as an added revenue driver on its website.

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Average Sale Conversion From Spirit On-site Galleries


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Pure Social ROI

Skyn ICELAND harnesses the power of pure ingredients from Iceland to create products that soothe stressed skin. The brand has cultivated a loyal community on Instagram that loves to share Skyn mask selfies. The social team needed a stress-free way to showcase these engaging images on the web to drive sales and inspire shoppers.


  • How Dash Hudson's Spirit On-site Gallery solution was the perfect fit for Skyn ICELAND's needs.
  • The simple process to curate and embed Spirit Galleries online.
  • How Spirit Galleries drives revenue for the brand.
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Marilee Clark Skyn ICELAND

We have always wanted to figure out a way to include our amazing earned, celebrity, and makeup artist content from Instagram onto the website in a way that makes sense. Dash Hudson’s Spirit On-site Galleries really fit the bill!

Marilee Clark, Senior Digital and Social Media Manager

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