Case Study: CPG Brand

Content That Converts: How a Prominent CPG Brand Optimized Its Photos and Videos for Revenue

Learn how a well-respected CPG brand is re-imagining the agency model to keep up with the pace of social and drive brand growth on and off of Instagram.



Increase in Engagement


Increase in Followers

The In-House Advantage

In today’s saturated landscape, success on social hinges on understanding your audience’s visual preferences, and the rate at which you can create and share content that reflects those unique tastes. One beloved grooming brand turned to Dash Hudson to reinvent the way in which it produces content, starting with a forward-thinking branded hashtag campaign. The authentic storytelling ingrained in the campaign, combined with Dash Hudson’s predictive visual technology, converted the brand’s online audience into customers—and translated into a record high in product sales.


  • How sales growth can come from existing products through a data-driven content strategy.
  • How Vision analyzed the brand’s historic content to predict what types of photos would resonate with its audience, and how this intel informed the brand’s photoshoot.
  • The viral success of the hashtag campaign across social channels and its impact on the brand’s product sales and marketing KPIs.
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We wanted to change the culture around producing creative, and Dash Hudson really enabled us to do that. We’ve seen ripples across the organization from the success of our hashtag campaign. It speaks to the power of organic social when you can create content that connects with consumers on a deeper level—it goes beyond Instagram.

Acquisition Marketer at CPG Brand