Case Study: ALOHA

Hello, ROI: ALOHA’s Recipe
for Engagement & Growth on Instagram

Learn how ALOHA leverages Dash Hudson's tools to hone in on what resonates most with its audience, effectively increasing the brand's engagement and site traffic as a result.

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Engagement After 1 Year With Dash Hudson


Engagement Increase on Identified Content Pillars

The Ingredients for Success on Social

For an up-and-coming food brand, Instagram can be a crowded place with too many cooks in the kitchen. Discover ALOHA’s winning recipe for drool-worthy content, a side of organic engagement, and a dash of site traffic conversion, to create a holistic strategy on Instagram.

Learn How:

  • ALOHA engages its fans with rapid responses to comments and questions using Dash Hudson's Community Manager.
  • Identifying themes in your content and measuring success is seamless using Boards.
  • ALOHA creates value for its fans with LikeShop, by easily linking them to product pages on-site.
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As a food brand, it just makes sense to be driving to sales conversions online. When we tried Instagram Shopping, the call-out of a shopping bag on a picture of a smoothie bowl just didn’t resonate with our audience. We actually decided to switch back to LikeShop, and now see strong click-throughs on blog posts and recipes!

Taylor Cronk, Former Social Media Manager